Audi stereo upgrade

Please Note: We work on all types of vehiclesnot just luxury and sports cars! We work on all types and years of cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, cargo and travel trailers, big trucks, little trucks, big boats, small boats. Radio, stereo, mobile video, cd player, gps navigation, hands free bluetooth, Ipod integration, car audio-whatever you need!

In other words: Big or small project, no problem. We can set the clock on your radio or try our darndest for free, no matter where you bought it or what kind it is. Listen to some music. I started this business inout of my parents' garage in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to that, I'd been working on cars and with electronics since I was about 12 years old about or so I've worked as a mechanic and for a couple different autobody shops, and I've done more than a few "side jobs".

This includes things like swapping engines and transmissions into cars and trucks, brake jobs, rebuilding carburetors, tune ups, etc. I simply enjoy working on cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles. Plus everything else electronic and mechanical that I can get my hands on and learn about. I am certified as an electronic service technician, and I'm trained in several aspects of automotive repair. I am also a certified 12 volt automotive installer with the Mobile Electronics Certification Program.

I enjoy studying the engineering and assembly of modern vehicles. I like to understand the function of just about all of the electrical and mechanical sub-assemblies. I enjoy my work as I learn yet more about car stereo, car alarms, electronics, acoustics, subwoofer cabinet design, vehicle security, high fidelity music reproduction, multimedia, navigation, modern vehicle design; function; assembly methods, etc. I also enjoy making people happy. Every day I work with a few select guys who are just as passionate about their work, and they also enjoy making people happy.

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Mein neues Xtrons PB78AA4RP für den A4 B7 - Unboxing, erste Einrichtung und Einbau

Car Audio Innovations. Go to Best Sellers Show products here!Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Please help by adding anything you know of, part numbers, pics and prices would be nice if you have them.

Last edited: Feb 16, WeverallFeb 16, Audi likes this. Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, IamCerberusLafarge and foursprungdwarf like this. Get the Mrs hairdrier out and buy some 3d carbon wrap, and wrap all your door and dash surrounds If you have an Avant and your rear wipe is drooping Cheers A. MolnbomanFeb 16, I tried to find the closest match to RS4 grille mesh that didn't cost the same insane amount of money as real thing.

Also had surrounds sprayed gloss black which bumped price up a little. Cut it to shape and fix to front of, or the or rear of surround I decided on front and there you have it, far nicer looking fog light surrounds and has added bonus of stopping crud blocking air flow to intercoolers. KrisKrkSumnerash-k and 1 other person like this. All of 10 minutes to swap them over and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Caveat emptor: My car does NOT have the interior light pack so obviously its going to cost a little more for you if you do have one. B6 cigarette lighter mod. OrangeFeb 16, Takes about 15 to 20 minutes to install. Thanks to Ajax for bringing this retrofit to my attention and supplying part number. Also credit to members on tyresmoke.

Audi and jdp like this. Lafarge likes this. Caveat emptor: Again personally I was underwhelmed by the light output from these but I would say still worth it for the cleaner whiter light they give maybe this is the intension rather than brighter light. Marc B7Feb 16, Meet the gorgeous Audi A7 Prestige Trim.

audi stereo upgrade

Hello black beauty. The Audi is sweet, but there was one big problem. The bass from the speaker Bose surround sound system is pathetic. Completely unworthy of such an amazing car.

Despite boasting a channel amplifier with over watts of total power, the bass is anemic. So I set out to remedy the situation. Subwoofer spec sheet. The vinyl covering on the box needed to be replaced, and this time I decided to use regular speaker carpet. I watched a few YouTube videos to brush up on the technique. My only complaint is that it is pretty thin. It was advertised as having a latex backing, but it stretched a bit too easily as I was cutting, even with brand new utility blades.

Because I wanted to make my subwoofer box both easily removable and securely mounted, I attached two large eye screws to the back of the box. Along with some industrial strength velcro, I used the eye screws with a short cable lock to secure the box to the luggage hooks in the hatch of the car.

I clamped the cable lock together using a rock climbing carabiner. This avoided having to screw directly into the sheet metal of the car. Last, I looked around for a stylish, high-excursion speaker grill to cover the Alpine sub. At first I used a regular beehive-like grill. But, with the new Alpine amp, the sub actually hit against the grill as it oscillated. I was tempted to leave the sub uncovered, but that seemed a bit too risky as I do haul around my bass gear and other cargo regularly.

The grill looks great, but I wish it was metal instead of plastic. Overall, it seemed a great fit. I also got the Remote Bass Level Control Knob so that I could adjust the overall output level of the amp from a more accessible location.

Adding an amplifier and sub to the existing factory system meant that I need to tap the powered speaker level lines. Not only is the LC2I a crisp and clear active line out converter, but it had two other features that I thought were going to make my life easier more on that later : GTO Signal Sensing, which will turn the unit on when it detects signal from the speaker inputs, and a output remote turn on lead which can be used to switch on your amplifier.

One of my requirements for this installation was that the subwoofer itself had to be removable.

Audi A7 Subwoofer Audio Upgrade

I described my approach to secure, but easy to remove mounting above. The wiring needed a similar approach. To accomplish this, I built a small box to house a speaker terminal cupremote volume level for the amppower distribution block for the lightsand an overall master switch for the add-on system leaving the factory system in place. I also added a small blue light that was laying around. Removing the sub just requires unplugging the speaker wire banana plugsunplugging the lighting wire leads for the lights inside the sub box and the one on this little boxturning off the master power switch, and then unhooking the carabiner on the cable lock wire.

Installation Installing the audio components and wiring in the hatch of the A7 was pretty straightforward, but not without some issues.A client from Mechanicsville came to Extreme Audio, looking to significantly upgrade his Audi S6 audio system. In our usual fashion, our team went out to his vehicle and sat in it so we could hear how the factory systems sounded. It also gave us an opportunity to look over the vehicle extensively with the client and explore options for the upgrades.

We listened as he explained his goals for the upgrades and we offered our time-tested suggestions along the way. At that point, we invited him inside our state-of-the-art showroom to let him listen to some of our suggested products on our interactive displays.

He liked the upgrades we were suggesting, so we worked up a solution that we felt best fit him. He liked it, so we set a time for him to drop off his vehicle. We began the install by adding a Mobridge DA3 digital preamp to the vehicle. It replaces the factory amplifier that is connected through a fiber optic network, and gives us eight channels of outputs along with a full-blown DSP processor for us to fine-tune the sound quality.

It should be noted that this device is not for the faint of heart, since it is a sophisticated device and the software assumes the user has a good knowledge of working with sound processors.

Now that we had a great musical source to start with, we set out to improve the sound quality for the passengers. The client chose AudioFrog speakers, which are some of the best-sounding on the market today.

We installed the GB60 6. We installed GB25 2. Now that the front sound stage was set up, we turned our attention to the subwoofers. Since this guy wanted to really jam, we chose a pair of JL Audio 13TW5v2 subwoofers for their combination of great output, incredible clarity and extremely small enclosure size. Both of these subwoofers fit in an enclosure only 1. We fit a custom trim plate perfectly to the contour of the trunk with matching carpet and installed protective grilles over the speakers.

Since we knew this vehicle needed to have great output, we chose a pair of amplifiers from ARC Audio. We chose the XDi For the front speakers, we chose the XDi Each of the front speakers gets watts per channel of power, meaning this system has more than 2, watts of power. When the client wants to hear his music at concert levels, he will have all the power needed to recreate his favorite experience.

We also made an amp rack to fit perfectly behind the rear seat with a matching trim plate to give the vehicle a clean, classy look. Now that the system was installed, the expert tuners at Extreme Audio set out to fine-tune the system. We adjusted everything from digital delay, crossover points, equalization and output level individually for each and every speaker. The result was a detailed sound stage that blends beautifully across the top of the dash. When the client came to pick up his vehicle, it was as though he was falling in love with his S6 all over again.

That made our day. If you have always wanted a sound system that made you want to drive your vehicle, one that could recreate your favorite live concerts, come see us at Extreme Audio in Mechanicsville or Midlothian. Our team of audio experts will work with you to design and build the audio system you have always wanted.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.The installation is reasonably easy. You should estimate about hours to do it, taking your time with the trim removal and laying out the Dynamat.

If using other subs I'd be sure to check their minimum power requirement.

audi stereo upgrade

The stock amp won't drive a sub with too high of a power requirement. Drop the back seats down. You'll need to do this for easy access and to get at the rear deck cover lip. Remove the Torx screw from the bottom of the stock sub, accessible from the trunk. Remove the D-pillar covers. There is a small notch at the top front left side of pic of the cover that you can use to slip in a screwdriver.

These must come off as there are 4 tabs that slot into the rear deck lid. Use a semi-short screwdriver as you don't want to damage the airbag charge that's inside the pillar. Gently pry up around the edge from one end to another paint can tool until it pops out. Remove the speaker wire from the tweeter small speaker. Remove the 4 Torx screws holding the deck cover to the subwoofer housing. Remove the Torx screw under the left speaker grill.

This holds the deck cover on to a support bracket below. The deck cover is free to remove. There are four clips along the front, where the seat backs lean up against it. Lie down across folded down seats and push up against the front of the deck cover. There are two Torx screws down inside the front of the sub housing. Remove these and the housing should lift out.

Here's one The new sub drops right in the hole from the old sub. There are 3 screw holes around the housing that line up perfectly with the mounting holes in the new JL sub. Here are a few shots of the sub fit check, before pulling it out to apply the Dynamat.

Shot 1 here You want to make sure that all holes are covered and the Dynamat has been stuck down securely. If not, it won't be as effective. The lip of the JL sub is not a perfect seal, especially where the Dynamat terminates. To complete the new sub interface, use rings of rope caulk home depot to create a reliable and working seal. There are three holes that line up with the mounting holes in the sub.

I didn't feel a need to drill additional holes. Clip off factory plug to wire the new speaker.S92 Apr 13, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Standard sound system upgrade

Cookies Snack. Aftermarket Stereo Upgrade Help Tom. Hi guys, I know there are a lot of posts about this but I just can't seem to find one with the exact info and list of parts I need.

I have the stereo in the picture below, the concert 2 I think? Would anybody be able to list the required parts to install an aftermarket stereo and be able to keep the steering wheel controls and MFD radio display please? I also have a button for a phone, also pictured below in the right side red circle. Don't know what it does and if it needs any cables for an aftermarket stereo, but if anyone knows I'd be grateful.

Thank you. Last edited: Apr 13, S92Apr 13, I'm Just Rob. S92Apr 14, The head unit you havesame as mine uses the quad lock connection and if you have full bose you will need that part of the conversion kit too. I purchased a full fitting kitwhich in included the chassisall the correct wirring harnesses and arial converter etc, basically all the parts you need to fit that head unitwell prettywell any double DIN head unit really.

Job done if you get all the bits in one go, bad news is that the kit is not really user friendly on the wallet Decided to try an aux adapter if it's possible on my stereo. Would someone be able to help?

Audi A7 Subwoofer Audio Upgrade

It's this: If it is possible to fit an aux adapter would anyone be able to link me to one on eBay, there are so many on there it's hard to know what's what, also would anyone be able to recommend where I could feed the cable through? Saw some holes in the glove box? Or drill a hole in one of the empty panels between the airbag and ESP button? Thank's in advance! S92Apr 21, I have a wiring schematic somewhere on my pc, I'll see if I can locate it and forward it on.

S92May 6, I'm very interested to see how this post turns out. Ianski68May 6, S92May 7, Ianski68May 7, Jack KellyMay 8, S92 likes this. Finally got round to fitting the Connects2 aux box. Wired the aux cord through the gap between the steering wheel and CD player: Quality is far better than FM transmitors so all in all I'm happy with it. The only negative is the length of the aux cable supplied.When Alpine Decided to develop an infotainment system for Audi drivers, they only had one goal in mind: To create a high-end system that exceeds all the expectations Audi owners may have.

The result is a premium infotainment system that perfectly integrates into the Audi A4, A5 and Q5 to bring the latest media compatibility, cutting-edge navigation technology and audiophile sound quality to your vehicle.

All components are designed to fit perfectly in existing installation locations and integrate fully with the vehicles electronic systems. Perfect vehicle integration with premium components.

Performance without compromise. Welcome to Alpine Style. The original audio control panel is replaced by an Alpine panel that allows direct access to audio sources, navigation, rear view camera and more. The 7-inch This allows navigation maps to be displayed in stunning detail, while movies or video clips become a real cinematic experience. The user interface is very intuitive and is designed to perfectly integrate into your vehicle.

Audi uses the main display to show vehicle settings and warning messages such as low oil level. The Alpine system is fully compatible with the Audi electronic systems and can therefore display all menus and warnings. We even redesigned most of the graphics to look very modern. Alpine is known worldwide for excellent sound quality.

Our audio specialists engineered the XD-A4R with the greatest attention to detail — from selection of high-grade components to precision audio tuning — to deliver a truly high-end sound experience for your Audi. The system also offers many sound adjustment functions such as digital time correction and professional equalisation to allow users to adjust the system to their own preferences.

Upgrade your Alpine infotainment system with DVD playback capability. It uses HDMI technology for stunning image quality and can be fully controlled from the touch screen or the Alpine control panel. We highly recommend upgrading your sound system if you install the Alpine Style Infotainment system to get a true audiophile sound experience in your Audi A4 or A5. Alpine offers the choice of a high-end front speaker system or a full audiophile grade sound system which includes a digital high-end amplifier with built-in DSP.

Audi Stereo Upgrades

Both systems are designed and tuned to ensure an excellent sound experience in your Audi. The optional rear-view camera system provides parking safety with cutting-edge camera technology. The rear-view camera automatically activates when reversing and also mutes the audio so you can hear the parking sensor signals.

Multi-view splits the screen so you have a clearer view of both left and right behind the car. Top view is very convenient when backing up to hook up a trailer, enabling you to get within centimetres of the trailer.

audi stereo upgrade

For more information and prices please contact us. Skip to content When Alpine Decided to develop an infotainment system for Audi drivers, they only had one goal in mind: To create a high-end system that exceeds all the expectations Audi owners may have. Alpine Control Panel The original audio control panel is replaced by an Alpine panel that allows direct access to audio sources, navigation, rear view camera and more.

High Resolution Touch Screen The 7-inch Warning Messages Audi uses the main display to show vehicle settings and warning messages such as low oil level. Premium Sound Quality Alpine is known worldwide for excellent sound quality. An Audiophile Sound Experience We highly recommend upgrading your sound system if you install the Alpine Style Infotainment system to get a true audiophile sound experience in your Audi A4 or A5.

Parking Assistance Technology The optional rear-view camera system provides parking safety with cutting-edge camera technology. Like this: Like Loading BMW Audio Upgrades. VW Golf Upgrades. Sign up today to receive updates on the latest news, products and special offers. We respect your privacy. Your information is safe and will never be shared. WordPress Popup.


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