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Our repossession wheel lift units are a cost effective way to gain professional towing capabilities without having to buy or rent a traditional towing truck. The wheel lifts are adjustable for compatibility with a broad variety of vehicles and used by numerous repo companies and independent tow truck drivers across the nation. To be successful in repossession work, you need to be ready for anything at all times including towing cars and trucks. Your regular truck looks and drives as normal, but transforms in an instant into a tow truck with the ability to tow a vehicle in as fast as 35 seconds.

Besides not having to buy a tow truck of your own and store and maintain it, there are many advantages of investing in our innovative repo towing equipment including:. Get My Wheel Lift. Our repo lifts for sale are made with rugged materials and heavy-duty components that will continue to last and perform for many years. The tow lifts we sell are made in the U. Lift and Tow offers slide in repo units for sale nationwide via our well-organized, secure website.

Kits ship with all of the hardware, instructions and optional accessories you require to convert your vehicle to a tow truck. You have the option of performing installation yourself or scheduling an appointment with a trained professional. Lift and Tow sells three different models of hidden tow systems: 3 Series Slide-in wheel lift5 Series underbody wheel liftZ Series self-loading wheel lift. Our products have various functions and features. Our Z Series is the ultimate repo wheel lift equipment, offering complete self-loading capabilities.

Give us a call at or contact us online for additional details and assistance placing your order for repo wheel lift equipment today. View Terms and Conditions. Translate Please choose a language. Be your own boss — Installing repo truck equipment on your vehicle is your opportunity to work for yourself. You will always have job security and can work when you want and wherever you choose to live or travel.

Exceptional return on investment ROI — Repo equipment for pickup trucks are one investment that continues to pay for itself over time. In addition to repo work, you can also pick up towing jobs and help out friends and neighbors. Have a Question? Follow Us On Social Media. Facebook Twitter YouTube.Lift and Tow is a reliable business you can trust for quality products that last and deliver an exceptional return on investment. As the original manufacturers of our hidden two bar systems, we ensure the products we sell work to your expectations and provide the best value on the market.

Our wheel lifts ship with everything you need, including hardware and optional accessories for a do-it-yourself-installation. Just follow our detailed instructions or get assistance from your local mechanic. View Terms and Conditions. Translate Please choose a language. Z Series Wheel Lift 6 function. We offer three types of top-quality tow truck lifts that attach to your regular pickup truck and then smoothly slide out to transform your vehicle into a tow truck whenever you have a job.

Made with durable, heavy-duty materials right here in the U. The great thing about our tow lifts is the equipment is hidden when not in use and is easy to use.

repo equipment

Whether you work in repossession or have a side business as a tow driver, our hidden tow system delivers the versatility, safety and performance you desire.

Our selection includes: Z Series — Featuring our patented Z-bar construction, this top-of-the-line hidden wheel lift attachment is completely self-loading.

Just back up, push a button on the remote control and let the Z Series do the rest! Get in touch about a tow lift for pickup trucks today!

Repo Industry

Call us or contact us online for expert product guidance and help placing your order. Watch Our Wheel Lift in Action! Have a Question? Follow Us On Social Media. Facebook Twitter YouTube.Many banks and credit unions sell repo homes and vehicles directly to the public.

Heavy Duty Equipment

Buyers just like you are able to negotiate with your local banks and purchase these items at a discount. RepoFinder provides a simple directory of links to banks and credit unions across the United States that sell these repossessions. Because banks and credit unions in all 50 states are included in our list, you can find more repossessions sold at more lenders than anywhere else. There is no commission or fee when you buy directly from the bank.

RepoFinder links to thousands of lenders selling bank owned inventory. Many of them update their repo listings daily. If you find a bank that is not listed, you can add it to our list here. Each bank and credit union will have their own unique way of marketing these orphaned vehicles and real estate properties.

Generally speaking, most repo sales will begin with an asking price determined by the bank. The price is typically based on the vehicles book value or a recent appraisal. Once the initial price is set the bank will open the door to offers or bids.

Everything is priced to sell. More common though is an open bid where all buyers can see the highest offer and compete with each other. This process is not done in a typical auction setting with an auctioneer. Instead the bank will just have you fill out a form sometimes online or give them an offer verbally in person or over the phone. Most lenders will also allow you to do your due diligence and properly inspect the repossessed property prior to bidding.

repo equipment

Be very cautious of buying anything site-unseen. Once you agree on a price with the bank the process is fairly straightforward.

In some ways, buying a credit union repossession is similar to buying from both a car dealer and a private party.

You have the bank assisting you with paperwork and financing if neededbut you also have the luxury of a commission free environment where you can work out a better price.

repo equipment

Not only are you able to capture savings with low prices, but you can also realize value in other ways. Many of the bank and credit union repossessions are sold as-is, which means there is no warranty from the seller. The advantage to RepoFinder is that you can cut out the middle-man and buy direct from the source. Another big plus is that when you buy from a bank you also have the ability to negotiate loan terms.

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Banks make money by lending money. Often times banks will incentivize repo sales with preferential loan terms and rates. RepoFinder is a directory of banks selling repossessions across the United States.Lot 1 Sale Order: 1 of Lot 2 Sale Order: 2 of Lot 3 Sale Order: 3 of Lot 4 Sale Order: 4 of Lot 5 Sale Order: 5 of Lot 6 Sale Order: 6 of Lot 7 Sale Order: 7 of Lot 8 Sale Order: 8 of Lot 9 Sale Order: 9 of Lot 10 Sale Order: 10 of Lot 11 Sale Order: 11 of Lot 12 Sale Order: 12 of Lot 13 Sale Order: 13 of Lot 14 Sale Order: 14 of Lot 15 Sale Order: 15 of Lot 16 Sale Order: 16 of Lot 17 Sale Order: 17 of Lot 18 Sale Order: 18 of Lot 19 Sale Order: 19 of Lot 20 Sale Order: 20 of Lot 21 Sale Order: 21 of Lot 22 Sale Order: 22 of Lot 23 Sale Order: 23 of Lot 24 Sale Order: 24 of Lot 25 Sale Order: 25 of Abilene, TX.

Catalog Terms of sale. Important Announcements: Please note some lots in this auction are selling times the money as noted in the lot info. Auctioneer will also announce those lots on auction day.Tuesday, October 6th, Sunday, October 4th, Friday, October 2nd, Sunday, September 20th, Sunday, September 13th, Wednesday, September 9th, Thursday, September 3rd, Wednesday, September 2nd, Tuesday, September 1st, Monday, August 24th, Tuesday, August 18th, Sunday, August 2nd, Tuesday, July 21st, Sunday, July 19th, Friday, July 17th, Sunday, July 12th, Saturday, July 11th, Friday, July 10th, Wednesday, July 8th, Saturday, July 4th, Tuesday, June 30th, Wednesday, June 24th, Friday, June 19th, Thursday, June 18th, Wednesday, June 17th, Tuesday, June 16th, Tuesday, June 2nd, Thursday, May 28th, Wednesday, May 27th, Sunday, May 24th, Saturday, May 23rd, Wednesday, May 13th, View More Repos.

Auto auctions allow buyers to purchase used vehicles through a bidding process. This usually ends up being a lot Buying a used car is often a great way to save money while getting something dependable for work or Purchasing a car from a private seller can be a great way to save money on a vehicle while We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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